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PGG Award Nomination form
To nominate someone for a PGG Award, please download an application form by clicking here.

Tatton Park gardens

Introduced for the first time in 2011, the PGG makes the following awards:

Loyal service

Awarded to someone who has given many years loyal service to a garden and helped make it noteworthy. Up to 6 a year can be awarded or one per region or area. Any member can be nominated or nominate another member. The nominee should have at worked at the garden for at least 10-15 years and should have made a significant input to the garden.

Service to the Guild by members

Awarded to someone who has given exceptional service to the Guild by serving as an officer or otherwise.This award is nominated by the President and is awarded at the discretion of the President. The committee plays no part in this award.

Service to the Guild by an outside person or persons

Awarded to non Guild members who have given the Guild outstanding support over a sustained period.

New Gardener of the Year

Awarded to a trainee working in a garden with a Guild member. This award is for the ‘best’ new individual within the UK and Ireland, nominated by a member or the head gardener for whom they work.

The Awards Committee meets once per year to discuss any nominees and make its recommendations. The Committee will meet in time to get its recommendations to the Guild Committee to ratify them at the April Committee meeting. Awards will be published in the July Journal and awarded at the AGM.

To nominate someone for a PGG Award, please download an application form by clicking here.

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