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PGG meetings and events

The PGG organises national and regional meetings throughout the year, in all parts of the country, for members and their guests. Meetings are informal gatherings of between 20 and 100 members; the object of the day is not only to look round the garden or gardens hosting the meeting but also to meet other members, to exchange views, ideas, information and plants. View diary of forthcoming events.

The Professional Gardener Journal

The Professional Gardener Journal
The PGG produces a quarterly journal, The Professional Gardener, with articles produced almost entirely by members of the Guild. Used frequently by members as a forum for discussion, a means of communication and a source of reference, it contains regular articles on plants and gardens, news, views and reports from both local and national meetings. There are also topical features focusing on a particular element of heritage gardening, e.g. tree planting or water management.

PGG traineeship scheme

In 1995, in response to the growing shortage of skilled, trained gardeners, the Guild set up a traineeship scheme, which has been used as a model for the more recent, HLF funded training scheme. The PGG traineeship provides successful candidates with the opportunity to gain “hands on” practical experience whilst working as part of the team within major gardens throughout the country. More details about the PGG traineeship scheme.

The Professional Gardeners’ Trust

The Professional Gardeners’ Trust aims to give financial help to gardeners wishing to further their careers through training. Visit the The Professional Gardeners’ Trust website.

Benefits of PGG membership

Professional Gardeners Guild members garden visit

Benefits that members enjoy include biennial conferences, regional and national meetings, a seed-exchange programme and access to a legal helpline. The Guild produces an employment ‘job sheet’, which is sent out to  members who are looking for work. It also maintains a register of self employed members, which is made available to members of the public looking for professional help.

The objectives of the Guild are:

  • To promote and encourage professional contact, communication and co-operation between gardeners.
  • To promote better management and maintenance of gardens and designed landscapes, especially those of historic, horticultural and botanic value.
  • To promote and encourage the exchange of ideas and information on all aspects of professional gardening, including the use of both new technology and traditional skills, by means such as meetings, conferences and publications.
  • To promote training of an appropriate kind in schools, colleges and the work place, in order to provide the horticultural industry with skilled gardeners and garden managers.
  • To promote gardening as a profession and to assist in the placement of professional gardeners in private employment.
  • To promote and maintain close links with related organisations.