Staff development, Secondment, Career progression – The Finnis Scott Award

The Finnis Scott Award: Staff development | Secondment | Career progression

The Finnis Scott Award provides funding for professional gardener’s to spend time at other gardens in the UK. Funding covers the cost of travel and accommodation within the UK.

The award is ideal for professional gardener’s looking to work alongside a project, experience a new style of garden, shadow a manager, work in a different growing environment, spend time with a different plant collection. You define your project, make the contacts and arrangements and we will help fund you.

Applications to the Finnis Scott Award can be made at any time during the year.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss your proposal please contact Fiona Dennis by email or telephone during working hours on 01737 244 664 (Mobile: 07867 537945).

For more information and an application form see the website:

Nb. The Finnis Scott Award is administered by the Professional Gardener’s Trust. A trust that is entirely run by volunteers for the benefit of professional gardener’s throughout the UK.