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You can now apply to join the PGG online. Details of the membership categories are on the right and will be assigned to you by the PGG once you have completed the application form.

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Please download an application form and post it to the PGG Membership Secretary:

Nicola Johnson
15 Parc Eglos, Helston
Cornwall TR13 8UP

Tel: 07450 866949


If you have any queries regarding your application, please contact the Membership Secretary.

Becoming a Member of the PGG

Membership categories are as follows:

(A) Full Membership

Full members are Professional Gardeners, whose main source of income is from working as a gardener, and whose career includes the equivalent of at least five years full-time practical working experience in historic, heritage or botanic gardens, to include National Trust, charitable foundations, private gardens, hotel gardens and others managed in a similar way.

(B) Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to professional gardeners whose main source of income is from working as a gardener in a historic, heritage or botanic gardens etc as above, and who have yet to meet the criteria for full membership. (i.e. the equivalent of five years full-time working experience).

Other applications for Associate Membership from those within horticulture will be at the Committee’s discretion.

(D) Affiliated Membership

Affiliated membership is open to those not professionally engaged in gardening but working in professions related to horticulture, such as consultants, botanists etc.

Affiliated membership is also open to people interested in historic, heritage private or botanical gardens but whose main source of income is not from working as a gardener i.e. garden writers, garden owners, designers, nursery workers, landscape architects, landscape contractors etc.

(E) Retired Members

Retired members will pay the Associate rate but will retain the voting rights they held before they stopped work (i.e. Full or Associate Member.)

Associate Members may apply for Full membership as and when they fulfil the criteria above.

All membership is subject to approval by the Committee and only remains valid when subscriptions are up to date. Any new criteria for membership subsequently introduced shall not adversely affect existing members. Academic courses will not count towards working experience.

Membership Fees

Full membership of the PGG
£45.00 (UK), €50.00 (Europe) or $57.00 (N.America/Canada) per year

Associate, Affiliate and Retired Members
£43.00 (UK), €48.00 (Europe) or $54.00 (N.America/Canada) per year

For all categories there is a one-off joining fee of:
£10.00 (UK), €11.00 (Europe) or $13.00 (N.America/Canada)

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Renewing your membership

NB. If you are renewing your membership please click here and then make sure you scroll down to the MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL section.