Photos from the PGG visit to Kilmacurragh Botanic Gardens and Dargle Glen 30th June 2012

In Kilmacurragh Garden Claire, the education and information officer, was a knowledgeable substitute for Seamus O’Brien who was unable to take us around. There is a great feeling of renewed energy in this garden. The mature planting is being conserved, the herbaceous borders restored, meadows planted and everywhere there are new and interesting plants, many from seed collected by Seamus on plant hunting expeditions.

Head Gardener, David Koning showed us around Dargle Cottage Garden which sits on both sides of the Dargle river. Fifty five acres of oak and birch surround 17 acres of garden. Planted by Sir Basil and Lady Goulding in the 1940’s the garden has many champion and unusual trees such as the fastigiate form of Koelreuteria paniculata. A listed tea house is cantilevered out over the gorge. Sculptures commissioned for the garden sit comfortably in the site.