Rare plant cuttings opportunity knocks!

A message from Sue Tasker, editor of The Professional Gardener.

“An estate agent in Northumberland are selling a house near Berwick with a garden full of plant rarities – Trillium, Paris, Lilium, Primula, Rheum etc. and the owner has asked if any PGG members would like to take cuttings (I presume they also mean divisions…) before the house is sold.

If anyone is interested (and close enough) to take advantage of this generous offer, let me know and I’ll see if I can co-ordinate something. Hope this makes sense…”

Contact Sue Tasker by email: editor@pgg.org.uk or telephone: 01900 61462

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  1. Hi would’ve loved to go. I suppose it is to late now, if not could u please get back to me.
    Many thanks