Seed Exchange – seeds for 2017

Now that autumn is here, we are taking stock of the garden and the seeds we have collected over the summer.

Last year 28 members donated seed out of a membership of 950. So thank you to my regular contributors, and if you haven’t donated before can I encourage you to look through your seed packets to see if you have anything spare for the Seed Exchange?

This year the Tomato ‘Cuore di Bue’ and ‘Turk’s Turban’ squash vegetable seeds, together with Tropaeolum speciosum and Salvia chamaedryoides were very popular – I had to disappoint several members who requested the latter two. If you have some extra seed of something interesting in your garden, please think of donating it.

Put your seeds in an envelope, remembering to seal it well, especially if the seed is very fine. Label the packet with its correct name, and if possible make a list of the seeds you are sending along with your name and email address or phone number – in case I can’t read your writing. Adding your name also means that you will be added to the donors list, so that when your send me your request in January, I will happily send you twenty packets of seed – those who don’t contribute can request just five packets.

Seeds by 1st November 2016

Send the seeds to me by 1st November. If there’s something that you are intending to send which isn’t ready by the deadline, please email the details to me before the deadline so that I can make sure it goes on the list. Then send the seeds to me by 1st December at the latest. When you post your seeds, please ensure you put enough stamps on the envelope to cover the size, weight and thickness, as anything over A5 or thicker than 5mm requires a large letter stamp.

Please send seeds to: Tracy Lean, 4 Madmarston View, Green Lane, Swalcliffe, OXON. OX15 5EQ. Any enquiries to

The PGG Seed Exchange
Tracy Lean

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