How to apply – 2024
  • Closing date for applications end of April 2024.
  • Interviews take place in June 2024 at the RHS, London.
  • Successful candidates commence the scheme in September 2024.
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Three Year Traineeship Programme In Horticultural Practices

The Professional Gardeners Guild Three Year Traineeship Programme In Horticultural Practices

For those seeking a career as a professional gardener/ horticulturist with the opportunity to gain practical skills in the workplace at three world class historic or botanic gardens, this could be the opportunity for you.

The scheme offers full time work experience, paying at least minimum wage with rented accommodation provided and bursary funding available to cover the costs of relocation and interviews at participating gardens and also the essential practical qualifications needed.


Candidates require some previous horticultural experience as a volunteer or in paid employment. RHS qualifications will be an added advantage and need to demonstrate a strong commitment towards a career as a professional gardener and a willingness to move each year between gardens.

Candidates should also be able to support the physical demands of a very practical role and be prepared to work outside in all weathers.

Deadline end of April 2024

Applications for September 2024 need to be made before the closing date at the end of April 2024. Interviews take place in London in June 2024.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

In line with the Equality Act 2010 the PGG is committed to encouraging equality, diversity, and inclusion, and in eliminating unlawful discrimination. Whilst the PGG does not employ its PGG Trainees directly, it is responsible for recruitment and for overseeing the Trainees during the three years they are on placement at each of their host gardens. The aim of the PGG Traineeship is to be truly representative and welcomes all sections of society to apply to participate in the PGG Traineeship.

Traineeship Programme Job Description

The traineeship came into being in 1995 and is now widely recognised within the sector as providing an excellent practical foundation on which to build a successful career in horticulture.

The scheme runs for three years, commencing in late August each year. During that time the trainee will spend a period of one year each at three different premier heritage gardens. It is important to note that these participating gardens are selected by the scheme administrator and not the trainee. 

Currently these gardens include Chatsworth, The Garden House, Sandringham and Highgrove, amongst others. As you are employed directly by each of the host gardens, the package offered will vary but will always include accommodation and at least, the national minimum wage for a full working week and in the region of 20 days annual leave plus statutory public holidays.

In each garden you will work as a regular member of the garden team and undertake a diverse range of hands on activities and develop a full range of craft skills.The opportunity to experience and practice those practical skills in three different work environments and with three different “house styles” is one of the strong points of the traineeship.

To complement the practical experience a number of off-site training sessions are offered to cover certificated courses such as chainsaw use, pesticide application and tractor driving. Trainees are also encouraged to attend other courses, study tours and seminars  and to generally pursue their own horticultural learning interests. In addition, throughout the traineeship you will be asked to keep a daily diary, take photos of work in progress and ultimately write interim garden reports and a final year report which will explore your horticultural experience including observations and possible solutions regarding effective garden management.

At a minimum applicants are required to have some previous horticultural experience, either as a volunteer or in paid employment, and be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to a career in horticulture.

For further information please contact the PGG Chairman at

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